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“ To uplift & sustain the excellence of a community advocate with love and respect.”

Shelby "Lexus" Walker Scholarship


Shelby "Lexus" Riddick-Walker

Shelby "Lexus" Riddick-Walker born July 28th, 1980, lived a servant leader’s life; dedicated to caring and advocating for the well-being of those she served and her community at large.  She gained her wings and entered her eternal rest on December 30th, 2023, leaving an enduring legacy of compassion, resilience, and everlasting impact on the lives of countless individuals. At the spring 2015 initiate of Kappa Iota Sigma Sorority, Inc., she embodied her line name “Pure Intentions.” She worked in diverse environments, ranging from ACCESS AIDS Care, LGBT Life Center, to Chesapeake General Hospital and 37th and Zen, sharing her infectious energy and exuberant light with all that she contacted.  Lexus also was an advocate and major volunteer at the Southeastern Transgender Resource center, which included helping at the start of STRC. As a passionate educator and advocate, Lex worked tirelessly to dismantle stereotypes, foster inclusivity, and create safe spaces where individuals could embrace their authentic selves without fear of judgement. As a trailblazer and mother in the LGBTQ+ community, she fearlessly fought for authentic expression and believed in the power of education to challenge prejudice and transform hearts and minds. Shelby Lexus Riddick-Walker was not just in the community she was the community.

Qualifications to apply

Lexus made a major impact during the start of STRC. She volunteered countless hours, time, and dedication attending fundraisers, support groups, retreats, community events and much more here at STRC. This scholarship was created in the name of Lexus because she had a passion for education and was a community leader. She also believed in giving back by any means necessary.

This scholarship is for anyone trans identified, an advocate for the community, and currently enrolled in any form of higher education (GED, college, trade schools, CNA classes, & etc.).

The recipient of the scholarship will have to volunteer at least 50 hours service. Those hours include but are not limited to community service, outreach, appearances, tabling at community events & colleges and much more. The funds from the scholarship will go directly to your higher education.

Deadline for submitting applications is May 1st 2024 midnight.




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